Last post with my most favourite portraits from this year. This is David, also known as Ghostpatrol. Thanks man, you are such an inspiration!

And huge thanks to all of you for comments on this blog, to everybody who supported me through this year. I'm feeling very lucky and very excited about all things  to come.

Happy new year!


Elizabeth posted some images we worked on earlier this year, and I'm happy I can share my favorites too. As it happens, not all of them could be used, it's nice to be able to show them here. It's been such an amazing project to work on, I'm really grateful that Liz has so much trust in me!

I'll post once more before new year's eve. I still haven't changed my habits after tree years in australia, it's not christmas, it's new year that is a real celebration for me, especially this time with my family arriving for a visit on the 1st of January.


Sophie Black, editor of Crikey for Frankie magazine, outtake


from a walk in the forest a while ago...