Kim Kniepp

This is Kim's studio in Hepburn Springs: temporary, already left behind. Kim is an amazing stylist, and I'm not really aware of other people working the way she does, taking sustainability in fashion very seriously, deeply committed to things she believes in.

All images above are out takes, and this is one of my personal favourites from the book:


Justin Williams in Environments

Justin has a stunning water colour piece in the Art for Japan initiative:

Justin Williams is a dear friend and one of the artists featured in Environments. Below are images from his studio, one from the book, and one out take. I was really concerned with having certain narrative in the book, connection between the images, even if I couldn't always explain why certain thigs didn't work for me, I went with my feeling. That's why perhaps there are quiet a few images from each shoot that haven't been included. Yet I like them on there own.


Outtakes: Marc's studio

I was really excited to photograph Marc Martin's studio. These amazing huge windows and the light streaming in.... It's really dense, with a lot of subtle textures and details, if you look closely, and Marc's artwork, bits and pieces of his illustrations everywhere. I loved Marc's previous book called Forest, that's how I came across his work originally. Forest is sold out now, but he has just published a new artist book that looks really special too.

A couple of out takes:

Frankie feature

Huge thanks to Jo for making me sound so articulate somehow and to Lara for her interest in my book!


Just a few out takes from a studio of Ellie Mücke today. 

I have such a huge respect and admiration for Ellie's work. She's committed to making clothes that are truly sustainable, unique, but above all look incredible. It's sort of hard to grasp how two recycled mens shirt can be turned into a stunning dress, but that's exactly what happens in Ellie's studio.

Have a look around Studio Mücke website and blog.


I think Belinda Kennedy has moved studio at least twice since I took this photo, it was her place that gave me an idea for the book. That's her wheel:

I have  a few more out takes to share with you too:

This sculpture in the last photograph is actually by Belinda's housemate. You can see some of Belinda's older work here, while she's busy working on her own website.


Luci Everett outtakes

This is a mantelpiece in Luci Everett's room, one of my favorite photographs from the book.

I've added a few prints to the shop, some of my favorite images from the book, including the one above, although it's hard to choose. Please feel free to contact me if you have any special requests. And huge thanks to everybody who has ordered a copy of the book already!

I also wanted to share this photos from Luci's  room that didn't make it into the book: