Books have arrived last Friday and last few days have been a whirlwind of signing, numbering, packing and posting. And before I knew it, most of them are gone. I'm so humbled by all the love and support, a big heartfelt thank you to everybody who ordered a copy or helped to spread the word.

Thanks to Lucy for the post on The Designfiles yesterday.
I have also added a few smaller prints to the shop on the weekend.


Sometimes I have this distinct feeling after I finish a shoot, as if I have just received a gift. A person, who has been a stranger a couple of hours ago, decides to open up in front of the camera, to reveal a part of themself that is not always visible. It's magic when it happens, I can only hope to capture some of it in the final photograph.

Simon Mcinerney, Everybody has a story, Frankie magazine

If you can get your hands on the issue 41, be sure to read Simon's story.


Miso and Ghostpatrol

Today is the last day to order a copy of Environments at special pre-order price $29 and it's time for me to go and stock up on some mailers. Huge thanks to everybody who pre-ordered their copy! I've ended up printing 150 books, each copy will be numbered and signed.

And I'd like to share some out takes from Miso and Ghostpatrol studio today:



This is Suzy Tuxen, who runs A Friend of Mine design studio from a light filled space in Curtin House.
A few out takes, and the last image is from the book.


Primoeza studio outtakes

While I'm waiting for the books to arrive from the printers, I'll continue sharing out takes with you. Today's images are from the studio of Elizabeth Rayman Yong of PRIMOEZA. Looking back, I wish I had more images of her very sweet cats, but there were just too many things I wanted to photograph in that beautiful studio. Elizabeth is a knitter and she makes seriously amazing garments.