Paris in black and white

As promised I have a couple of images from 'archives' to share today. These are my favourites from our trip to Paris couple of years ago. The first one is from amazing Le Petit Atelier de Paris, which I was admiring online for years and was so happy to finally visit in person!

And the second shot is a vintage photography shop with hundreds and hundreds of old photographs for sale - magic. I think it was somewhere in Marais?

Have a lovely weekend! I'm working on some very exciting shoots in the next few days, can't wait.




A. relaxing on Phillip Island a couple of months ago.


Anna Walker, part 3

Last photograph of Anna Walker I wanted to share from that shoot, this one from a roll of film:


anna walker, part 2

and these outtakes:

I was so excited to meet Anna few weeks ago. Her trust and patience during the shoot were incredible. Thank you, Anna.

Going to pick up one of Anna's books for my niece (niece-in-law just sounds too weird, I don't know if you can even say that).


anna walker, part 1

Anna Walker creates her beautiful books at this desk. I couldn't resist a few shots of her space while I was there. I'll share portraits I took of Anna tomorrow.