Lauren Dukoff "Family"

This book was on my list for a very long time, and finally I received my copy, and it's absolutely amazing in so many ways. Lauren's story in the beginning of the book is really inspiring, there are so many paragraphs I want to quote.

"We shared a ride back to Camber Sands, and Jack played for a small group of people in our hotel room. He played twelve songs, sitting in a chair in front of a sliding glass door; behind him, through the glass, was the late afternoon and the small courtyard with its low walls. At first I was nervous taking photographs – of Jack, of Devendra with his eyes closed listening to the music – but I knew I would never forgive myself if I didn't capture this moment. I found a new sense of comfort taking pictures that evening. I could hide behind my camera and put all my attention into the picture taking process." - LD, Family

I've been listening to Devendra Banhart's music for a long time, and I loved seeing him and other musicians I know and like photographed in such an intimate way. I guess I always loved very personal photographs, but when relationships, admiration and passion define photographs as much as beautiful light and compositions, the result is just so powerful.

"We went together to the Getty Centre to see Vashti Bunyan play while I took quick pictures – photos were not allowed – and the audience clapped over the sounds of my shutter." - LD, Family


Little details in Harvest Workroom

I'm happy and grateful to be so busy with work lately, but I'm starting to miss working on my very own projects. Fingers crossed, I'll start shooting something new in a couple of weeks. Plans, ideas, hopes to be turned into rolls of developed film.