Akira Minagawa 'Notes'

This book of sketches by Akira Minagawa looks really nice, although I think it's already sold out. I'm also thinking this book by Jill Bliss will a perfect companion for a summer afternoon in the park. Yes, I'm getting ready for summer.


another one from my shoot with Noah


Nyssa Skorji - part two

I had a weird dream the night after visiting Nyssa, and there was mention of ‘deer eyes’ in the dream, not the eyes themselves, thankfully! I woke up terrified. It took me a while to realise where the idea came from, so funny. 


Nyssa Skorji

Bright colors at Nyssa Skorji's apartment I photographed for Extracurricular. I'll share a few more images from her place next week. Have a great weekend!


Tom at Captains of Industry

for Frankie, outtakes

Need to get my hands on the the new issue of Frankie to read an interview with Tom by Benjamin Law. We had a really interesting conversation during the shoot, I wish talking to people and shooting portraits at the same time could somehow work, I had to stop myself all the time.

It seems to me that all the challenges in my work in the last couple of months had to do with locations, what they add to to the images and the narrative. I came across this article on Too Much Chocolate yesterday – it's really interesting:

Cody Cloud:  I work very instinctively, not immediately realizing why I’m drawn to a spot. It always dawns on me later that light and color is what caught my attention, not just a spot that gives me a funny feeling.

Georgia Kokolis: I always look for lighting elements that have a blinding quality to them, there has to be a highlight or backlight the gives it a cinematic feel. I approach my images instinctually a story sometimes develops from that process and sometimes it is predetermined. I prefer the non-linear approach to my work, as this is really the way I see things.



I'm scanning some films tonight. This is Noah Symons (also known as Great Earthquake)...
I'm not entirely sure what happened to July, but I'm looking forward to posting more in August.

I was looking at this book in the shop today, it's so great.