Kim, moving things around. And the one on the right is probably my favourite image from this shoot. Looking at the images now it's hard to believe they were shot on a really dark day and it was pouring outside. Hope you have a sunny weekend wherever you are!


We had such a beautiful day at the beach last sunday, first time I got sunburned this summer. A little bit of rest and then some work too – feeling lucky to be photographing beautiful interiors that Kim created here.


 Diana and her little man, shot for Frankie.


I really enjoyed reading this interview with the creators of the beautiful Plant Journal today. I think I missed out on the first issue, but I will be sure to get my hands on the next one.

Also, Luci has started a tumblr, and it's really hard to not waste the whole day just looking at all those images. We have started working on our collaboration, I can't tell you much right now, but it will be a publication. We'll share more soon.

(images from here)


Playing with the mirror at Emily Green's studio. Look out for the shoot in the new issue of Extracurricular coming out in November and more images in this space when it's published.

Thanks Emily & Ellie!

On completely different subject: I've been planning to move my blog to tumblr, since it's so much easier to use, but I can't make up my mind. I was wandering if it might cause some inconvenience to anybody who's following this blog through blogger? Will you still read me? Thanks!


I was looking through the Smith Journal today and realised I never showed you this shoot: my favourite. This images were taken for the feature on brothers who have supported each other through difficulties in life and their relationships. I really admire people behind Frankie (and Smith journal) for writing on subjects like that. It's something we can all relate too, it's simply so human and yet somehow there's just nobody ever talking and writing about it, at least not in press.

Huge thank you to people who share their stories, I don't think it's easy for them.
Thanks Liam and Luke!