Huge thanks to Mark Robinson for a mention on one of my favourite blogs – OEN


Yoko's studio. I hope your week started on a good note.


 Remember this post? I shot that roll of film at Yoko's place, when she kindly invited me for a cup of tea. I love these flowers outside her window. I'll show you more photographs from her place next week. 

I got a chance to photograph the most amazing collaborative project this week. I wish could share the images with you – I'm so excited about them, but it won't be published till early next year! It's hard to be patient.


 This is the pottery studio where I took classes – Cone 11 – located in my favourite Abbotsford Convent. Ilona is a great teacher and I think they are taking enrloments for the next year right now. Classes fill really quick: there is only four people in each.


I made these tea mugs during the pottery classes I was taking during the last few months. It's hard to say from this image, but they are very big, just the way I like it. I wish I had time to continue with the classes. I'll show you the studio after the weekend.


I have another book I wanted to show you, a recent purchase. It's 'Elliott Smith' by Autumn de Wilde. Have you noticed I have a thing for music photography?
There's so much I love about this book: a cd of previously unreleased live performance, songs written on the back of the receipts, many long interviews, and polaroids, contact sheets and many beautiful photographs by Autumn. I wanted to photograph every page.

There is the funniest foreword as well – Beck and Chris Walla of Death Cab for Cutie talking about their experiences of being photographed. Some things made me giigle:
 'When any one of us in Death Cab hear the words photo and shoot put together we all groan and a sense of dread comes over the room'

and some really good comments about the way Autumn photographs:

'I've seen this in all her photos, that in the end people still look like themselves. (...) There's something in a photograph that you can't see, but feel ... when the person behind the camera cares about what they are photographing. And that's something you pick up when you're looking at the photo.'  (Beck Hansen)

Autumn de Wilde has a beautiful blog, she has also released a book on Death Cab for Cutie and a new one on Beck, which I don't have (yet).


Late night scanning, a mistake, overlap of the frames on film. I've started shooting for a  new project, a new publication if things work out. This is the first outtake, many more to come, I'm sure.