I love New Year: taking stock of all that happened, dreaming up new beginnings. I'll be back posting in this space in the coming year, I missed it.

End of the roll snapshot from the end of last year - plants in our studio, finding and settling into this space was one of the best things that happened last year. New space, new routines, new relationships. And even more new great thing to come.

While catching up on the blog reading after holidays I came across this beautiful thoughtful piece of writing about one of my favourite photographers ever - Ye Rin Mok:

Rough, everything is rough and yet so beautiful. Though the curtains are irregular and roughly sewn I love them because they make this picture even more noteworthy. Nowadays most of the portraits I am seeing are in the end made to make people look beautiful, it is all about appearance. When I look at this picture I don’t have this feeling, instead I feel that this place IS this woman. That is why I am considering this photo as a whole, even though she is the main subject I can’t dissociate her from this place.